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Faceted Tactile Lights
The Faceted Tactile Light series is a tactile and sensory experience of using traditional materials and re contextualizing them exploiting their inherent qualities. The concept was to create a structural module that would dictate the form. Metal/PVC sheets are first cut and then linked together or stitched together piece by piece meticulously to form a mosaic of repetitive cellular structure that results in to a tessellated geometrical form.

Light permeates facets where they have been linked or stitched and have stretched due to tessellations revealing geometrical lines of construction. The Faceted dome lights are based on Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. The Faceted Chandelier draws from a modular structure, which allows for the construction of larger structure for public spaces. The design involves integrating material integrity and longevity using basic construction principles and applications to find new means of expression.

Over a period of time the metal develops a natural patina that adds to the natural look and glow of the ambient light.

With references to strong geometrical construction principles, the entire collection is handmade, borrowing from the legacy of rich Indian handicrafts.

Materials: Available in brass, copper, bronze, german silver and PVC.

Avni Sejpal received the coveted ‘A Design Award 2013’ for the Faceted Tactile Light Collection.

The lights were also voted one of the best 25 products from London Design Festival 2013 in partnership with CultureLabel.com.

Faceted Tactile Light Collection – Design 25 Winner – LDF 2013

Photography: Sebastian Zachariah Fotographie.
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