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Grace Series
Grace Lights are a series of elegant lights constructed from extremely fine steel wire mesh used for aviation industry and metals such as Brass and Copper. Higher grade of steel wire mesh is generally reserved for Hi-performance components used for insulation and filters– a robust yet fragile material.

The collection is inspired from the Grecian fashion and borrows from the designer’s past experiences in the textile and fashion industry. The pieces in the collection display a distinct characteristic linking them to its inspiration of Grecian fashion and combining unconventional material such as SS wire mesh. The wire mesh used is pleated in innovative sequences; to create unique hand crafted objects. The resulting ethereal objects redolently echoes the structured pleating techniques used in Grecian gowns with a metal belt, combining the dual nature of the SS mesh and brings it in to more accessible realm of lighting exploiting their sheer frail appearance.

The richly pleated SS fabric engages the viewer as they transform from day to evening, creating delicate shadows and auras. Each beautifully finished piece is created using techniques more commonly used for textiles.
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