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Voyager Series 1.0
Voyager lights are a series of light sculptures, drawing from the explorative space modules and inspired from post apocalyptic sci-fi movies. The series is an analogue of the experimental nature of archi techtonic design resulting in a possible semaphoric display of light and extruded forms. The collection explores forms such as Pythagorean solids and Archimedean solids.

The Leo and Aether light form explores fusions and extrusions of Pythagorean solids such as Dodecahedrons – one of the perfect solids and is composed of pentagons. Leo is a sculpture resulting from exaggerated extruded forms of multiple platonic solids fused together.

Nebula is a play on Archimedean solid such as truncated icosahedrons or geodesic globe. Nebula is a geometric sculpture with growth extrusions that project in different directions, moving circularly and fragmenting the views from all sides. With a focus on materiality, the form is informed by the properties of the selected materials and the structural impact created by the material integrity.

While the form is realized digitally, the light pieces are meticulously handcrafted by artisans. Each brass goes through a tedious nine-step process culminating in to a delicate light piece.

Materials: Brass/SS/Coloured PVC.
Photo credits: PHX India.
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